Our mission is to keep moving you forward! Our workouts are designed to be fun, diverse and engaging so that you can be consistent with it. Our Personal Training and small group fitness programs will help you develop the habits and routines that will keep you progressing towards your goals.

Our trainers are determined to motivate you, and keep you striving for greater. We emphasize good form, awareness and activation of the intended muscle group. We bring the motivation to drive you to greater heights.




This class is about all things abdominals, pelvic floor, obliques and even some glutes. Its gonna improve your core strength, stability and posture.


In this 45 minute class we invite you to use different forms of resistance to improve strength. Strength training boosts your metabolism, increases your lean body mass and helps with fat burn. Our Instructors will guide you to perform the exercises in this class with good form so that you can enjoy the maximum benefit.


This class is fiesty. Show us your punching power in this fun and engaging boxing class. Learn some new combinations, shore up your self defense skills and burn some calories while doing it.

Cardio HITT

This dynamic class is designed to get you moving and burning calories. Exercises are designed to improve your mobility, agility and cardiovascular endurance. Cardio exercises strengthen your heart, burns calories, improves your mood and helps control weight.

Strength and conditioning

Let's build some lean muscle with good form and guidance from the best trainers. This class combines strength, endurance, stability, balance and core work to give your body the full attention it deserves.
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Set Goals, Map out your journey, measure your progress. With a program that is tailored to your needs, you can achieve great results.